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Conscious Dating on Lifetime Television
(5 minute interview)
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Featuring David Steele

1. Being Single is an Opportunity, Not a Disease!

(12 min- recorded from appearance on Attitude Vitamin webcast)

2. Making Conscious Choices: Three Keys to Your Success

(37 min- recorded from live seminar)

3. One Year and One Half Inch: How I Found My Life Partner

(15 min- recorded from live seminar)

4. You CAN Get There From Here

(15 min- recorded from live seminar)

5. "She's Hot, Now What?" The Rule of Three for Conscious Dating

(15 min- recorded from live seminar)

6. Be "The Chooser:" How to Get What You Really Want in Your Life

(46 min- recorded from live tele-seminar)

7. Conscious Dating for Relationship Success

(10 min clip from 73 minute CD program)


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