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Conscious Dating for Boomers: Finding Love After 50

With Frankie Doiron and David Steele

We have been asking singles to tell us their biggest challenges with Conscious Dating and the overwhelming number of responses mention how difficult it is to find love after 50, especially for women. Here are some of the questions we've received-

  • How do I begin dating now that I'm single after 36 years of marriage?

  • I've heard there are six women for every single man over 50- is that true?

  • The men I meet seem too focused on sex. How do I find a mature single man interested in a committed relationship?

  • I don't like the dating scene and I'm fine being alone at this stage of my life, but I would prefer to share my life with someone. How do I find a compatible partner without playing the "dating game?"

  • And much more!

So join Frankie and myself as we tackle the biggest, most vexing problem facing singles today- how to find love after 50.

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