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Conscious Dating at a Distance:
What to Do When You Are Attracted to Someone 1200 Miles Away

With Frankie Doiron and a panel of RCI Coaches

We've heard from many Conscious Daters who have met someone online or through friends who live far away. They wonder-

"Can this work?"

"How do I test this relationship?"

"How do I know if this person is being honest with me?"

"Am I avoiding intimacy by pursuing someone unavailable?"

"Should I pursue someone I've met online who lives 1200 miles away?"

And also, a common related question is-

"I'm not having any luck locally; should I widen my search to other states/countries?"

In this program Frankie and a distinguished panel of Relationship Coaches from RCI address all your questions and concerns about long distance dating.

 Access recording and transcript here  

Here is your panel of RCI coaches featured in this seminar-

Melvin Allen

Melvin is referred to as "Doctor Love". With a Business Degree specializing in Organizational Behavior from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Melvin is well grounded in the behavior of people. For twenty-six years Melvin has also pursued the study of Ontology; the study of what is it like to be human, with Landmark Education. He also completed an intensive life coach-training program with Results Life Coaching. Melvin has used this foundation to establish the Allen Group Seminars and Coaching services. Together with his wife Sherri Allen they teach couples how to "Create a blueprint for their marriage". For more information about Melvin go to

Lois Barth

Principle of One Dream At A Time, Lois is a coach and a facilitator who focuses on relationships: relationship with self, one’s dreams, and of course, romantic, or as she likes to put it "Luscious Life Partnerships". Lois is a life coach for Fitness Magazine’s Fitness Makeover, has been featured on Good Day, New York, and facilitated workshops around the country. She has written for the New York Times and Massage Magazine amongst others. In terms of long distance relationships, Lois has both personal and professional experience. For a year and a half, Lois was involved in a "local" long distance relationship, where her partner traveled 60% of the time. Though a hybrid, it definitely spoke to the challenges of the long distance relationship. Learn more about Lois at

Janice D. Bennett, Ph.D.

Practicing as a psychologist for over 21 years, Janice treated many singles looking to get married, but who had become depressed and demoralized by the dating process. She now uses her skills and experience as a coach to help healthy singles overcome the obstacles preventing them from attaining the relationships and lives they really want. Janice has been quoted in Us Weekly and Cosmopolitan Magazines, writes the "Love Coach" advice column on, has a blog and a free monthly "Get Your Love Right!" email newsletter, and gives teleclasses and workshops in addition to individual coaching services. She can be found on the web at

Randy Hurlburt

Internationally acclaimed coach, speaker, and author Randy Hurlburt believes each couple should design their own unique relationship. Cultural stereotypes only get in the way. His book, "Love Is Not A Game (But You Should Know The Odds)" discusses long distance relationships, and suggests which ones have the best chance to succeed. Daring to speak the truth about love, Randy’s out-of-the-box solutions to relationship issues have been featured in as widely diverse media as NBC TV and Playboy Radio. Learn more about Randy at

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