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Are You Ready for Love?

To find out, take our Relationship Readiness Quiz and listen to this outstanding audio program with Frankie Doiron, President of Relationship Coaching Network

23 Minutes

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Conscious Dating
Relationship Success Training for Singles

This program will help you:

Assess your level of relationship readiness
Remove blocks that could sabotage your relationships
Define your life vision, values and non-negotiable relationship requirements that will ensure life partner compatibility
Understand the different types of dating traps and how they can prevent you from finding your dream relationship
Select a partner who is genuinely aligned with who you are and what you want in life
Dramatically increase your self-esteem, attractiveness and confidence when meeting potential mates
Become the ‘chooser’ in dating situations, forever eliminating fear of rejection
Say 'yes' to what you truly want and 'no' to what you don't want
Avoid making poor relationship choices

This program focuses on helping you become ready for and attract your soul mate. You will be guided through the important steps of learning the skills and tools needed to find your life partner and create a successful and fulfilling committed relationship.


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and you will receive a full refund if you are not satisfied that you received the best value possible.

Here's what particpant M.V. from Seattle, WA has to say about this program-

"Conscious Dating is a course I believe would benefit any single person who would like to have a high-quality, long-term relationship and who is open to improving their own quality of life all-around. That's a strong statement, but it's true.

This program is designed to put solid structure to a person's search for their mate by:

  • Clarifying who you are and what makes you tick
  • Clarifying what is important to you in your own life.
  • Creating goals to accomplish those things.
  • Clarifying what is important to you in your partner.
  • Developing strategies to find your partner.
  • Supporting you in achieving your life goals.

This program is structured around a valuable workbook that has assignments for you to complete. Each week everyone has the opportunity to share their work and what they have learned in a supportive environment. It's helpful to hear what other people are going through and you help others with your sharing. My workbook has become something special that I keep referring to even now, after the program. I completed the program with valuable insights, new tools, and with a much deeper feeling of "connectedness" and confidence with those around me in general.

This program could cost twice as much as it does and still be a great bargain. I hope this has given you a good overview of the program. I highly recommend Conscious Dating and I hope you will decide to participate, I'm sure you will enjoy it and benefit."
~M. V., Seattle, WA

"I am completely enjoying, applying, and achieving good results from what I'm learning in Conscious Dating.

You and your team are wizards in relationships and true gifts to us singles in today's world."
~Susan Race, Exton, PA

You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain,
we guarantee it!

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